Portraits made of… DICE!

An artist has amazed the world with his portraits of pop-culture icons made entirely out of DICE.dicearticlepic

Tim Mahoney, 22, created a picture of Elvis Presley using only six-sided black and white dice.

The large portrait of ‘The King’ is made up of 3,692 dice. It weighs 20 kilograms and took Tim two weeks to complete.

Tim said: “I bought a box of dice and started making small patterns which then led to me buying more dice and making the pieces much bigger and creating actual figurative images.

“I discovered similar projects online and a small community of people creating works with dominos and Rubik’s cubes. It made me realise the potential of dice to make images.

“I like that it is an unused medium in artwork, and that you’re restricted to just six sides of a dice when creating all the light and shade in each image.”

Tim, an industrial designer, produces portraits of iconic pop culture icons using only the six sides of a dice.

As well as the portrait of Elvis Presley, Tim has also built a coffee table with the image of Frank Sinatra as a present for his father, Jeff.

The coffee table contains nearly 3,500 dice and took a week to make.

IMG_4964Tim said: “My dad is a big Sinatra fan.

“The table is now sitting in his carpet shop. I’ve had a few people show interest in it which has made me consider whether I should start making more tables.”

Tim now plans to make portraits of David Bowie, James Dean, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards and Johnny Cash.

“I’ve focussed on my favourite icons from the past, which also makes it highly accessible for people discovering the work,” he said.

“It’s a simple idea, but the real fascination is with the process and material. Thousands of little dice come together to create these large portraits.”

Tim, from Brisbane, Australia, now has his own dedicated studio producing artworks made of dice.

He said: “I’ve started to branch out and offer them to the public. I’m the sole artist and owner of DICE Studio.

“I have plans for new, more elaborate pieces that would reveal different images depending on where you’re standing in relation to the work.

“It would involve physically altering and manipulating each of the dice to get the desired result.”IMG_4637-1 copy

Tim bought 30,000 dice from a dealer on the internet for £740 so he can keep producing his black and white portraits.

Tim’s portraits have been met with amazement online.

Internet users have taken to analysing the mathematics of Tim’s intricate pictures.

One visitor to Reddit with the username ‘theworldgotme’ worked out the probability of rolling 4,500 dice in the exact formation needed to make up Elvis’ face.

He said: “The chances of rolling around 4,500 die in the particular sequence needed to make up that portrait is about 1 in 4.7932129764913767036865038138101 x 10^3501”

Another user, ‘ArtSmass’, joked: “I would die to have that hanging on my wall.”

Tim’s work can be seen at: http://www.dicestudio.com.au

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