Turning children’s drawings of grandparents into real life photos

These enchanting surreal photographs turn children’s drawings of their grandparents into reality.

A designer asked children to draw their grandparents and then persuaded elderly models to pose in real-world recreations of the simplistic sketches.

The resulting series of photographs, entitled ‘Grey Power’, is the work of graphic designer Yoni Lefevre, who hoped to reflect the way in which children view elderly people.

Miss Lefevre, 24, said: “Each photograph is based on a child’s perspective – they do not regard their grandparents as grey and withered, but as active human beings who add colour to their lives.

“I hope these photographs contribute to a positive view on aging.”

One photo, of an elderly woman tending to flowers, is based on a crayon drawing by an 11-year-old schoolboy called Lance who captioned his original drawing with the words, ‘She loves gardening’.

Another features an elderly man with multiple arms doing several everyday activities all at once. It is a recreation of a drawing by an 11-year-old girl named Anne whose picture was accompanied by the words, ‘My Grandfather is doing everything at once’.

Miss Lefevre, who teamed up with photographer Nick Booklear to capture the quirky images, says she came up with the idea of a series based on childish drawings when she realised that children, unlike adults, do not tend to view elderly people in a negative light.

She said: “We are living in an ageing society and people can be very negative about it.

“I want to give the elderly a voice and show wider society that ageing is a positive thing. The colorful drawings provided honest perspectives and inspired me to recreate them in real life.”

Miss Lefevre, from Eindhoven, Holland, asked primary school children to draw their grandparents. She then scanned the drawings and printed them life-sized to use as clothing and props in the recreations.

“The drawing assignment was draw your grandparents doing something active,” she said.

“I chose four drawings and produced the props and suits needed for the images based on the children’s drawings.

“I printed the props and photographed the models in their natural surroundings.”

Miss Lefevre plans to produce more portraits in the ‘Grey Power’ series and hopes to release the whole collection as a photo book.


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