Romanian brothers recreate their childhood photos

A pair of brothers recreated treasured family photos taken of them as children twenty years ago to give to their mother on her birthday.11

Toma Alexandru, 29, and his brother Paul, 26, copied poses from the old family photos to give to their mother, Simona, on her 55th Birthday, right down to the locations and the clothes they wore.

Toma, a stand-up comedian, said: “It was mum’s birthday and I knew this would be a great thing to do.

“I know my mum loves all those old pictures of us on holiday and in the house – what mum doesn’t like pictures of her children when they were younger?

7“She loved it when we gave the pictures to her. She cried immediately and she keeps crying whenever she looks at them.

“We gave her the album and a box of tissues because we knew she would cry.”

Toma and his brother had to revisit all the attractions they went to as children on family holidays.

Toma said: “It was quite expensive as we had to travel all over the place to everywhere we went as kids.

“Some of the pictures were taken at home so it is quite lucky that all these years later we still live in the same apartment.”

The original family photographs were taken between 1991 and 1993 when both boys were only nine and six years old.

The updated versions starring the adult brothers, both from Bucharest, Romania, were taken over four weeks in September 2013.16

Toma, who won the King Gong stand-up comedy award in London in 2010, painstakingly recreated all the exact details of the old family snaps.

“We had to buy loads of clothes to match the ones we wore in the early 90s,” he said.

“It was a lot of fun though travelling around with my brother and two of our friends.

“One friend took the photos and another held up an iPad with the old pictures so we could try and copy them exactly.”

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