Meet the French hackers who flew a camera above Paris… in a miniature replica of the house from Up!

A group of computer hackers built a miniature version of the famous balloon house from the animated movie Up and released it into the sky to take aerial photographs.upstagram8

Passers-by wondered whether they had wandered into the movies as the cardboard and foam model, suspended by 90 helium-filled balloons, floated 90 meters above the ground and took pictures of the world below.

The project was imagined by Valentin Squirelo, 27, who installed a Raspberry Pi computer in the model house to take the photographs using a small digital camera.

upstagram6He said: “I love the movie Up. I thought the little house with all the colourful balloons attached would look great floating above the city.

“We wanted to show the world that computer hacking could be creative. Many children and adults were looking at the sky and taking pictures of the little house and the balloons.”

The computer inside the floating house automatically uploaded photos to the photo-sharing and social-networking site Instagram.

Mr Squirelo, who was aided in his project by the Paris-based hacker group Hackerloop, launched the house at the Parc des Buttes in Paris.

He instructed the computer to automatically upload the photos to Twitter using the hashtag #Upstagram.Instagram 1

As the model floated above the city, it captured images of famous landmarks including the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel Tower.

“We made several flights, about four or five in total during October and November, for two or three hours each,” said Mr Squirelo.

“We took about 400 instagram pictures in total. It was cool to see the photos being taken from the sky.”

Up, which was released by Pixar in 2009, tells of the story of a man who ties thousands of balloons to his home in a quest to fly to South America.

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