Dan’s Coffee Run

A man who has delivered around 13,000 hot drinks to his local cancer clinics over the last seven years has been dubbed the “coffee angel” by supporters.180829_190953490934555_2942554_n

Every Thursday morning since November 2006, Dan Dewey, 67, has made a special delivery of fresh coffee to patients on the cancer ward where his father received chemotherapy treatment before he died.

His touching gesture of thanks has been praised by hospital supporters who have launched a website and charity fund in his honour.

Mr Dewey, a retired education worker, said: “I feel very blessed that I can help just a little, as the clinic staff try very hard to restore each patient’s quality of life. They have my total respect and complete admiration for dedicating themselves to others.

“When I arrive with the coffee, the patients and staff are always very grateful. All I need is to see them smile and I am very happy.”

Mr Dewey’s generous contributions started in November 2006 shortly before his father passed away.

184112_257440704285833_2544543_nWhile his father was receiving chemotherapy at the Michigan Cancer Institute, Mr Dewey decided to go out and buy a cup of coffee for every patient in the clinic.

Mr Dewey decided to keep the tradition going in honour of his father and the staff who helped him before he died.

In 2011, Mr Dewey decided to expand his operation and began delivering to the nearby Beaumont Hospital cancer clinic every Wednesday in addition to his Thursday coffee run.

Over the past seven years he has delivered, on average, 35 coffees a week, sometimes buying up to 60 cups a week at his local branch of Starbucks.

In July 2011, his efforts were recognised by Starbucks barista Valerie Edgington, who decided to become a dedicated supporter of Mr Dewey’s epic coffee run.

Ms Edgington, 48, set up the website Dan’s Coffee Run when she realised Mr Dewey was paying for all the drinks himself.67767_652501468113086_457219218_n

She said: “I learned quickly what he was buying the coffee for. He didn’t have a lot of money but what he did have he used to buy drinks for the patients. I thought, ‘wow’.

“I bought a custom Starbucks card and put up a flyer in the store in case people wanted to donate to Dan’s Coffee Run, and they did.”

The website – www.danscoffeerun.net – has a facility which allows supporters to make donations via Paypal. To date, the organisation has raised approximately £11,000 – which would be enough to buy more than 5,200 cups of Starbucks Americano coffee in the UK.

Ms Edgington said: “The Facebook page I started only had six fans for a long time – it was practically just my mother and my friends at first.

390631_324652970897939_1969030042_n“Now we have 13,000 fans on Facebook and the website is very active. The donations are amazing, but we can always use more.”

Dan’s Coffee Run often gets donations from the families of cancer patients in the two clinics visited by Mr Dewey, who lives in Pontiac, Michigan, USA.

One heartfelt letter from the family of a woman who died of lung cancer is addressed to “Dan the coffee angel.”

The letter says: “You were there at her first chemo treatment. She was thrilled to receive her choice of a Starbucks beverage.

“That gift of kindness made getting the chemo a fun adventure for her. We thank you for your generosity and dedication.”

Please donate to Dan’s Coffee Run here: http://www.danscoffeerun.net/


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