Inside an abandoned Belgian farm house

A family home, once full of life, now forgotten and covered in a thick layer of dust – inside a mysterious abandoned farm house perfectly frozen in time.foto04

Maison Gustaaf in Flanders, Belgium is a farm house that time forgot. Family photographs and other personal items lie untouched, covered in a cobwebs and dust.

Inside the pristine, abandoned house is a bed, kitchen equipment, plastic fruit and religious ornaments. The walls are covered with mold and weeds crawl in through cracks in the cobweb-covered windows.

foto06Despite becoming a popular destination for urban explorers, nobody quite sure why Maison Gustaaf was abandoned, or when the last occupants departed.

Arno Raps, 37, ventured inside the mysterious building after discovering it while driving home from work.

He said: “I stumbled upon the house by accident. I was driving home by a scenic route on a snowy day and I encountered it”

“It was obviously empty – there were no signs of people, such as smoke coming out of the chimney.foto07

“When the snow melted I went back with my camera and found a way in – without breaking anything, of course.

“Outside it looked a bit boring, but when I entered, I got a very nice surprise. All the furniture and personal items were still there, and there was no sign of graffiti.

Mr Raps, a software engineer from Ghent, Belgium, said he was keen to learn more of the building’s history.

He said: “As far as I know, the man that lived there died several years ago. I found some flowers from hospital carers in his empty room.

“Apart from that it’s a total mystery – there’s no information about the place on the internet.

“It is as if he died and everyone forgot about his house. All his photos and other personal items were left in perfect condition, gathering dust.”

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