Sister takes same photo of her brother in the same spot every year

A family’s seasonal tradition has resulted in a series of photographs which shows a boy instantly ageing through his teenage years.  MEDAVIA_LAUREN_MAREK_1

Photographer Lauren Marek, 24, has taken a photo of her younger brother on the same day for the last five years.

The series of pictures shows Miss Marek’s brother, John, from the ages of 13 to 17. In each photograph John wears the same wooly hat, baseball top and necklace, creating an uncanny effect.

Miss Marek said: “I took the pictures for the purpose of documenting how my brother aged through the years – I started the same year I took up photography and it’s something I just kept up with it.

“The photos were taken on successive Thanksgiving days, so it’s easy to remember.”

The pair always arrange to take the photograph when the family gather in a park each year.

Miss Marek said: “We take them at the local park at sunset, so the light is the same. I enjoy putting the photographs side-by-side to see the transformation.

“I’m a huge fan of documentary photography, as I am of my family, and I feel like both these things are evident in my photographs.

“As a young adult, John’s appearance is changing at a heightened rate. I want to remember every step of the way.”

Miss Marek, from Bellville, Texas, USA, asked her brother, now 17, to keep the same clothes to one side throughout the year so she can replicate the original photo accurately.

“After the second year, when I decided this was something I wanted to keep doing, my brother made sure to set aside the hat, shirt, and necklace in a safe place,” she said.

“The photos are all taken at the same spot in a local park and since we always shoot on Thanksgiving, the park is always empty.”

Miss Marek plans to keep shooting her little brother’s portrait on the same day every year.

She said: “My brother definitely enjoys seeing the end result. My family loves to see all the tiny differences that come up every year.”

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