The story behind a picture: Brock Whitaker – ‘Nebraska Plains’

11691179644_b9420752d2_kFrom high above, these frozen crop circles look like luxury bathroom tiles.

Brock Whittaker, 17, took this remarkable photograph of Nebraska – the ‘breadbasket of America’ – pale and frozen in the grip of winter.

The circular irrigated fields lie covered in snow and frost, creating a hypnotic mosaic of muted colour.

Mr Whittaker from Phoenix, Arizona said: “I love the scene –  it’s quite cool how you can see the snow falling on the seemingly desolate plains below.

“I got the photograph while flying from Phoenix to Chicago. The fight path yielded an incredible, scenic transition. We flew over deserts, mountains and finally over the plains.

“As we reached the plains of Nebraska, our aeroplane was no longer enveloped in clouds, and the plains could be seen below.”

The crop circles are produced when sprinklers, rotating around a central pivot, are used to water crops. Central pivot irrigation is considered to be highly efficient method of crop irrigation as it conserves water.Crop Circles

Mr Whittaker, a high-school student, said the picture of the circular fields covered in snow reminded him of expensive kitchen tiles.

30440864_3529b47343_oHe said: “When I noticed the scene I quickly grabbed my camera and a 35mm lens to snap the photo below. It took a few shots out the window to get a nice composition of the plains below.”

Mr Whittaker snapped the picture of the icy corn, wheat and barley fields during the recent cold weather in America. The shot was taken last month.

Weather forecasters believe America’s deep freeze is now coming to an end after a week of disruption and freezing weather.

Additional pictures by Benjamin Gettinger.

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