Digital Journalism

One of the most exciting things about journalism at the moment is the sheer amount of digital tools which are available to help journalists tell their stories. I think it is important to utilise these tools if it will help to tell a story better.


A look at the misconceptions surrounding the MMR vaccine which led to the Swansea Measles outbreak in April 2013. This timeline went along with a timeline feature in Wales on Sunday. The idea with the online version was to extend the amount of information available. By clicking on each event the reader could click on links to medical reports and news articles which back-up the information in the article. TimeRime   A history of The Gaiety on City Road: The bowling alley which became a squat. This timeline was used in a large digital feature project on my blog Offbeat Cardiff. The article looked at the possibility of a squat in Cardiff becoming a community centre. I tried to tell this story using a variety of digital tools available to me. One example was this timeline which looked at the history of the building. The gaiety timeline


Postcards from the past For a post on my blog Offbeat Cardiff I had purchased some vintage postcards from an antiques market in Cardiff. A lot of the postcards were written on and had messages from people in Wales who had written the card to loved ones as far back as the 40’s. I thought the way to bring these postcards back to life would be to show stills of the postcards set to the sounds of people reading them out. I added in a jazz soundtrack and deliberately put in the sound of vinyl crackling to life in order to properly set the scene.


Cardiff Residents views on Gremlin Alley For the digital feature project on Offbeat Cardiff looking at the squatters in Cardiff I wanted to give a voice to the opinions of the residents. I decided a simple vox-pop audio was the best way to get this across. As I needed to speak to several people, I thought audio would be the best way to keep the reader engaged as reading the transcript of these vox-pops would not be as interesting as hearing them.   Ticking clocks in The Pumping Station To set the scene in a descriptive article on an antiques market on the outskirts of Cardiff I recorded the sound of clocks ticking in the Pumping station which can be heard while walking around. The idea was that as the reader absorbed the content of the article they could listen to the audio and hopefully get a better idea of what the place is like.


I created this map using data from Eurostat detailing the employment rates in Europe in May 2012.





Word Cloud

Based on Margaret Thather’s funeral. Looking at the most repeated words in this Daily Mail article.

Wordle: Thatchers Funeral terms


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