Meet the French hackers who flew a camera above Paris… in a miniature replica of the house from Up!

A group of computer hackers built a miniature version of the famous balloon house from the animated movie Up and released it into the sky to take aerial photographs.upstagram8

Passers-by wondered whether they had wandered into the movies as the cardboard and foam model, suspended by 90 helium-filled balloons, floated 90 meters above the ground and took pictures of the world below.

The project was imagined by Valentin Squirelo, 27, who installed a Raspberry Pi computer in the model house to take the photographs using a small digital camera. Continue reading


Romanian brothers recreate their childhood photos

A pair of brothers recreated treasured family photos taken of them as children twenty years ago to give to their mother on her birthday.11

Toma Alexandru, 29, and his brother Paul, 26, copied poses from the old family photos to give to their mother, Simona, on her 55th Birthday, right down to the locations and the clothes they wore.

Toma, a stand-up comedian, said: “It was mum’s birthday and I knew this would be a great thing to do. Continue reading

Turning children’s drawings of grandparents into real life photos

These enchanting surreal photographs turn children’s drawings of their grandparents into reality.

A designer asked children to draw their grandparents and then persuaded elderly models to pose in real-world recreations of the simplistic sketches.

The resulting series of photographs, entitled ‘Grey Power’, is the work of graphic designer Yoni Lefevre, who hoped to reflect the way in which children view elderly people. Continue reading

Arden Leigh: In defence of (some) male pick-up artists

A female relationship guru has insisted that not all seduction experts hate women, despite such claims being made of prominent pick-up artists on the internet.arden_8166_web

Social networks have ignited with criticism of online groups which purport to teach men seduction techniques. Opponents say some groups, such as Return of Kings, use misogynistic and slut-shaming language against women.

Arden Leigh, 27, author of ‘The New Rules of Attraction’, says the true art of seduction need not involve a battle of the sexes.

She said: “It is really unfortunate that seduction often gets lumped in with misogyny – it is because there is a lot of really offensive material on the internet. Continue reading

7ft Tall Star Wars fan misses out on his chance to play Chewbacca

bacchi3A 7ft-tall sci-fi fan says he is disappointed to have missed the chance to play one of his childhood heroes in the forthcoming Star Wars film — despite having the support of online fans.

He may not be named Skywalker, but Christiano Bacciocchi, 21, has his head in the clouds, in more ways than one.

The superfan, who is exactly 7ft tall, has loved the sci-fi series since childhood and even has his own lightsaber.

He dreamed of playing the role of space smuggler Chewbacca, Han Solo’s towering companion, so was delighted when he heard the filmmakers were inviting 7ft-tall actors to audition for the role. Continue reading

Death defying goats

The full copy from my goat story which appeared in The Mirror and The Daily Mail.

Balanced 35 metres above the ground, a herd of sure-footed mountain goats climb an almost vertical dam in search of salt.ibexes 01

Photographer Paolo Seimandi, 34, captured the amazing photos which show the death-defying creatures perched precariously on the face of a dam in the Gran Paradiso National Park in northern Italy.

It is thought the herd of Alpine Ibexes climbed the sheer face of the 45-metre-tall dam to lick at the stonework in search of mineral salts which filter through the blocks.

Mr Seimandi witnessed the goats climb 35 metres above Lake Valsoera while he was out walking in the Western Alps. Continue reading

Portraits made of… DICE!

An artist has amazed the world with his portraits of pop-culture icons made entirely out of DICE.dicearticlepic

Tim Mahoney, 22, created a picture of Elvis Presley using only six-sided black and white dice.

The large portrait of ‘The King’ is made up of 3,692 dice. It weighs 20 kilograms and took Tim two weeks to complete.

Tim said: “I bought a box of dice and started making small patterns which then led to me buying more dice and making the pieces much bigger and creating actual figurative images. Continue reading

EARWORM: The 30-year hunt for a mystery song

An obsessive music fan can finally rest after discovering the name of a song which was stuck in his head — for 27 YEARS.

Johan Lindell

Johan Lindell

René Molthan, 42, spent countless hours seeking the origins of a mysterious pop tune which had stuck in his mind when he first heard it aged just 15 years old.

He said: “I first heard the tune on the radio in 1986. I was listening to it after school.

“It was broadcast on a show called Pop Fit, where I first heard such music as A-ha’s Take On Me.

“I wanted to record it, but pressed the button too late, so I only got the final minute. The DJ announced the name, but I missed it.” Continue reading

Meeko the stowaway raccoon

This is the full copy from my story which appeared in Metro – read on to find out the shocking twist in the story.

A stowaway raccoon who survived a 3,900-mile journey across the Atlantic by eating cardboard and drinking condensation has found a loving new 1237776_10151606350810614_638210872_nhome in Wales.

The female raccoon, who smuggled herself aboard a ship travelling from the USA to Britain, has been given a warm welcome by a couple who own a sanctuary for apes and monkeys.

The cheeky critter, named Meeko, somehow climbed into a shipping container which was loaded onto a cargo vessel docked in Davenport, Iowa. She spent a month at sea before arriving in Liverpool three weeks ago, having travelled nearly 4,000 miles. Continue reading

Menswear Dog is the toast of New York Fashion Week

The full copy from my story on Menswear Dog which appeared in The Guardian and The Telegraph.tumblr_mq6usof8021s4yg05o2_500

A dog with a taste for fine tailoring is the surprise breakout star of New York Fashion Week after internet photos of the stylish pup modelling outfits landed him a book deal.

The New York-based mutt, named Bodhi, was spotted wagging his tail among the fashion elite as a host of the glitzy Socialyte awards ceremony on Sunday (SEPTEMBER 8) at The Box nightclub in Manhattan.

The stylish hound became an internet hit after images of the pup modelling men’s clothing emerged on Facebook in January. Continue reading